Nitsan raiter at her bachelorette weekend, bridal white outfits

Brides, we know how much pressure you have to always wear the cutest outfits, especially on your bachelorette weekend! We are here to help! We want to make it easier and more affordable to be the trendiest bride. Above you can see an image of Nitsan Raiter at her Bachelorette Weekend wearing head to toe Mach & Mach. The shoes are over $1,000 (dupes linked here!) and the outfit is probably in the same price range (it is currently out of stock if you were interested in splurging!). We found bridal dresses for cheap that will help you recreate this vibe for your bachelorette weekend. Here are a couple of white outfits bachelorette options for the wifey-to-be!

1. House of CB white dress dupe

white bridal dress for bridal shower or bachelorette weekend

This dress gives us the ultimate “it-girl” bride aesthetic! You know when you are going to be wearing this dress, you will feel like a 10/10. This is the perfect bachelorette dress to wear for a night out with the girls. Throw on a vail and cute shoes and you’re set. It is a perfect white dress for wedding events and you can definitely wear it so many times after your bridal events!

2. The Hot Bride Dress of the Summer

bride to be dress, bachelorette weekend dress, wedding dress, engagement shoot dresses

Yes, you heard it here first… this is the hot bride dress of the summer! You can dress it up or down, but this is a must for your bachelorette weekend. I would order it in a few colors or even match it with your maid of honor to make her feel extra special one night. Check out our TikTok for ideas and inspiration on what to wear on your bachelorette trip!

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3. The Classy Bride (Don’t skip out on this dress)

white bridal dress, wedding dress, bridal shower dress, engagement photoshoot dress

For a more elegant night, this is the dress you need! It will be one of your bachelorette dinner outfits when you are in town.  This is for the bride who loves the drama and gives off the main character energy. Her favorite shows are Sex and the City and any Real Housewives. No one will ever believe you that it is 20$ from Amazon! This dress is a perfect winter bachelorette outfit maybe in New York, Chicago, or any other cold big city. We have more white dresses off the shoulder on our Amazon storefront! 

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4. A Forever Summer Dress

bridal dress, white dress, bride to be, wedding dress, bachelorette weekend

We all remember how last summer this dress was everything! This Cult Gaia dupe is only $18 and you will wear it to any warm bridal event such as bachelorette, bridal showers, and bridesmaid proposals! The best part about this dress is that after the wedding events you can wear it all summer long. It won’t look like a bachelorette outfit for the bride when you wear it after your bachelorette. 

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5. Silky Smooth

bridal dresses, white dresses, bride to be, outfits for my bachelorette weekend

This long, silky, and complimentary dress is going to save your bachelorette party outfit needs. Imagine this! You’ve had a long day at the beach with your bridesmaids, you are a little sunburnt and now you have to get ready for dinner! This is the perfect dress for that scenario because the fabric of the dress is so light and complimentary that you will throw it on, look flawless, feel comfortable, and be ready to take on the night. This dress also comes in so many other colors so you can tell your bridesmaid to get other colors and all of you guys will match. Now you have the link to the silkiest and most flattering just in case you ever need one! You can also wear this on the morning of your wedding for a more casual look.

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Weddings can be so expensive and all the small details add up before your very own eyes. It is crucial to know when to invest in your wedding and when you can take a less expensive route. Bachelorette party outfits shouldn't be one of the most expensive splurges at your wedding.  Every bride has her own personal style but she doesn’t have to drop thousands of dollars on her bridal wardrobe to do that. That is why we create on our Amazon storefront a bridal dresses category so you can find cute, affordable bridal options that fit your style! We have a bunch of options for white dress bachelorette and for many more bridal events. If you need more help with your wedding and making your aesthetic perfect contact us! 

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