About us

The Ceremony Club was started by two sisters who wanted to bring a youthful & fun aesthetic to the wedding space! Leore has a background in design and marketing and Karen has a background in PR (some would say they are a match made in heaven!) Since starting they have grown their team and have worked with countless brides! 
We have experience through our visual agency “Your Dream Club” where we work with different fashion brands on their visual assets. We thought why not expand and start working with brides! We want to make the “it girl’s” dream wedding become a reality. Through assets such as invitations, save the dates, itineraries for bachelorette weekends/weekend of the wedding, merch for bridesmaids, etc. We will create an aesthetic for your wedding that will stand out with our creative direction! Our goal is to bring the cool-girl aesthetic to the wedding space. We see a gap in the market and want to bring a different perspective on wedding aesthetics. We are going to take our experience in branding and bring it to the wedding space. 
We would be more than happy to talk to you about how we can work together! Feel free to contact us and we can schedule a call! 


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