Your bridal shower is such a special event leading up to your wedding. It is a time for you to feel the love from all the women in your life that mean the most to you. This is the time for the bride to sit back and relax and have the women in her life plan an event for them! So this blog is targeted at the mother of the bride, bridesmaids, or anyone else that would take on planning a bridal shower for a bride in their life. When looking for ideas for bridal shower themes there are so many fun ones. On our TikTok, we have so many videos about different themes! Before we get too ahead of ourselves and start thinking about themes we wanted to create a must-have list of the 6 essential things you will need for a bridal shower. The list of products we put together will take any bridal shower to the next level. All the products are from Amazon so it's easy to shop for everything at once (and easy returns!!). So let’s get started with our 6 must-haves!

1. A Stand for all your Desserts

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Can this stand get a standing ovation! This super cute acrylic cupcake stand is perfect for all your desserts that will make your bridal shower extra sweet. The beauty behind this stand is how versatile it is. You can put dessert, mini sandwiches, bridal shower cake, and even table numbers on the stand. Even after the wedding, you can use it when you host events or even use it for makeup or perfume! 

2. A Fan for your Fans

bridal shower must haves, event planner, event planning

Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather if your bridal shower falls on a super warm day these paper fans are going to save the day. Guests will appreciate all the thought you put in. These are also so cute as decor and can add to the overall aesthetic of the bridal shower! These will be cute in pictures, scattered throughout the tables, or even hanging from the ceiling! Get creative! 

3. Ready, set, SMILE!  

There should be a law that disposable cameras should be at every wedding event! They are fun and timeless, and these are the photos you are going to show your kids. There is something about not being able to delete and retake photos that make moments so authentic! You can’t capture moments like that on an iPhone or DSLR. Your bridal events are once a lifetime so cherish every moment and disposable cameras will capture those moments. You can even create an album with all photos from the bridal shower. 

4. Vases for a lifetime

event planning, event planner, bridal shower must haves

What is a bridal shower without flowers? So obviously you will need tons of vases! These clear glass vases are so cute and you can use them to decorate your room, kitchen, or living room after the bridal shower. These vases are so simple and timeless so they can be styled in so many ways. You can put flowers, pens, and even paper fans in the vases. Arranging flowers can be so fun and there are million different arrangements you can do! 

5. Cheers to the wifey-to-be!

champagne flutes, cheers to the bride, event planning, wedding planning

Clear champagne glasses are essential to any bridal shower. A bridal shower is about congratulating the bride so you can't cheer for the bride without champagne flutes! These flutes come in clear and pink and are easy to put together. You can also make different champagne cocktails that are fruity, fresh, and festive. No one really talks about cleaning up all these events but let's be realistic… that's not fun. But these cups make it much easier because they are plastic and easy to throw out. We love the elegant aesthetic of these, they will elevate the vibes and will be another detail that the bride will love! 

6. Balloon Arch 

balloon arch, event planning, wedding planner, bridal shower, bride to be  

I know making your own balloon arch sounds very intimidating but it's much easier to assemble than it looks. All you have to do is grab a couple of your friends, blow some balloons together, and put them together on a balloon chain and there you go. The balloon arch doubles for decor and a backdrop for the shower. You can also make different types of backdrops with the balloons and get creative with them! 


Weddings can be expensive so our goal is for you to get items that you can reuse for other events. The paper fans, disposable cameras, vases, and cake stands are all items you can use again. Maybe not the balloon arch and champagne flutes but they definitely add to the bridal shower aesthetic! If you are not sure what theme to do or not sure if you even want a theme then this list is a perfect starting point for any bridal shower. 

In our Amazon storefront, we also have links to bridal shower dresses for brides and bridal shower guest dresses that are all under $50. 

No matter how the bridal shower turns out all that matters is that the bride is being showered with love and gifts and she has a special day! 

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