Rise & shine brides! The big day is here but let’s not forget a few essentials that will elevate your day. We want you to have the most relaxing and fun morning with your bridesmaids, so here are a couple of items you can get on Amazon! We will go over ideas for the morning of wedding outfits, necessities, and advice for the big day. We think these products will make the morning of your wedding easier and more fun! 

  1. Silk PJs
Silk PJs

Start your morning feeling cute and comfortable with these silk PJs! Get matching ones with your bridesmaids to get the perfect “morning of your wedding shots” that you will have for a lifetime. A white set for the bride and pick a cute color for all the bridesmaids! We also love the idea of picking a different color for the maid of honor to make her feel extra special. 

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  1. Slippers 

These are a must! Your bridesmaids will thank you later. Not only will you wear these when you are getting ready all morning, but you will also throw these on at the end of the night when your feet are hurting from dancing all night. These are the bridal shoes of choice for the night.

  1. Sheet Masks 
Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are more crucial for the morning of the wedding than you think! It's a known fact that the morning of a wedding gets a little hectic with the last-minute changes and making sure everything is in place. It is important to take the time to relax so get you and all your bridesmaids hydrating sheet masks to start your morning calm and rejuvenated. Before getting ready, you and your bridesmaids will put the sheet masks on and take those 10 minutes to relax and not think about everything you have to do. The rest of the day, you will have to listen to people to tell you where to stand, where to walk, and who to talk to, but give yourself time before the chaos begins. You have come so far throughout the wedding planning mayhem and it feels crucial to put 10 minutes in your schedule to focus on yourself and preserve your energy for the rest of the day and the rest of your life! Also, your make-up will go on more smoothly and you will have that beautiful bride glow! 

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  1. Boob tape

boob tape for the bride and her bridesmaids


You will use boob tape more than you think on your wedding weekend! Having extra boob tape while getting ready with 10 plus girls will be guaranteed useful! Someone is going to use it for a last-minute D.I.Y. breast lift or need it as a nipple cover! Worst case if you have leftover boob tape you will use it in other events during the weekend of your wedding but at least you will be prepared for one of the most important events of your life.

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  1. Hair Clips

hair clips on gigi hadid

Touch-ups, touch-ups, and touch-ups! Realistically from the time you do your wedding hair in the morning to the time you walk down the aisle you are going to redo, fix, and adjust your hair a bunch of times. These clips are going to be so helpful and are going to be in and out of your hair all day long! Also bonus, the hair clips will look so cute in the getting-ready photos. These clips will make you feel like a top model who is getting ready to strut down the runway, but in this case, you will be strutting down the runway to the arms of the love of your life. Btw your bridesmaids are going to love you for these! And you guys are for sure going to use these for many events. You can even use them while you do your everyday makeup or if you are not a make-up gal you can wear them when you wash your face at night.

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  1. Speaker

pink speaker, maid of honor should bring this the morning of the wedding

Let's get this party started people!!! Music will set the tone for the day! Don't forget to make a getting-ready playlist (or tell your maid of honor to do it!) with your favorite throwbacks, classics, or something to make you emotional, like your wedding song!. This is when the speaker is ready to hype you up. It is sentimental to have a playlist for your wedding weekend so every time you listen to those couple of songs, it will take you back to your wedding weekend and especially the morning of your wedding.

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  1. Champagne flutes 

champagne flutes, cheers with bridesmaids, drinking the morning of your wedding

Cheers to making it to the morning of your wedding! You deserve a drink after planning a whole wedding and dealing with all the wedding guests. It's a tradition to have a bit of champagne the morning of your wedding, emphasizing A BIT. Take 10 minutes in the morning of your wedding to make a toast to all your bridesmaids, family members, and whoever is with you, to thank them for being by your side during the whole process. These plastic champagne flutes are perfect to create a toast and are easy to toss after.

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  1. Safety pins

safety pins for the morning of your wedding

You already know this is a good one! For every event, someone needs a safety pin or 5! There is a good chance on the day of your wedding someone is going to need to do some last-minute alterations (hopefully not you). Maybe one of the bridesmaids wants to adjust the back of her dress, or make her slit shorter, or her dress is dragging too much on the floor. Safety pins are necessary for the morning of your wedding but also for the whole wedding weekend too!

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  1. Disposable Camera

disposable camera

The morning of the wedding is underrated for taking cute pictures with your team! Think about it, this is when your glam and wedding hairstyle is perfect and no one started crying yet. Use the disposable camera to capture all the intimate moments during the morning of the wedding. You can take the coolest photos of you wearing the bridal veil with the disposable camera, and those are going to be the photos you show to your grandkids.

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  1. Lipstick + lip liner duo

pillow talk lipstick and lip liner for your bridesmaids

A lipstick & lip liner duo is going to be your ride or die for the day of your wedding. You are going to be reapplying your lipstick & lip liner countless times throughout the day into the night so make sure you have it near you at all times. Charlotte Tilbury's pillow talk lipstick & lip liner goes with every look and will keep your lips looking flawless and classy. Also, this could be part of bridal gifts for your bridesmaids and anyone who is part of the wedding production. The lipstick & lip liner duo will match your wedding gown and bridal reception dress, and any bridal dresses you will be wearing during the wedding weekend.

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We’ve gone over a bunch of necessary items for the morning of your wedding, some products that will relax you, some that will hype you up, and some for last-minute surprises. Start the morning right with your girls… sheet masks, champagne, cute PJs, and boob tape! We want you to have a perfect morning, so these items will help the day to be more magical. Even though the morning of your wedding is a small part of your weekend, it sets the tone for one of the biggest days of your life so we are here to give you tips and tricks! Check out our Amazon storefront for more necessary items for the morning of your wedding such as bridal outfits, heels, and must-haves for your bachelorette weekend!









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