We haven't forgotten about the athletic brides out there! Don't worry, we got you covered here at The Ceremony Club. Let me introduce our Match Made In Heaven Collection, the perfect bachelorette themed weekend paired alongside our merch. I've compiled a list of essentials you need to plan the best tennis-girl-esque bachelorette weekend. From pink tennis balls to the comfiest tennis skirts, we  have everything laid out for you. 

1. Pink Tennis Balls 

Of course the first essential you'll need for your bachelorette weekend is tennis balls...but why not make them cute? I've linked an affordable option on our amazon storefront. Check them out!

2. Professional Tennis Coach  

I've linked the best website for finding your perfect match with a tennis coach near you. You can see all of their qualifications and ratings there too! Check it out below. I think you'll like it.

3. Drink Koozies

You're going to get thirsty playing tennis, so you'll need to keep everything nice and cold with drink koozies. These are so cute and they match the tennis balls too! 

4. Find the Perfect Tennis Court 

Here's a great website for finding the perfect tennis court nearby to play with all of your girlfriends. You can rent out a court for the day or even just a few hours, whatever your itinerary allows space for!  

5. Tennis Skirts 

Score! I have linked the comfiest tennis skirts around. You need to try them out for yourselves. Personally, I'm obsessed. These pair so nicely with our Match Made In Heaven collection. You won't regret it. I promise.


I hope you found some inspiration from this list and that you found our perfect match here at The Ceremony Club. We have a variety of blogs available, how-to blogs, advice blogs, fun blogs, and more. There are so many different types of brides and The Ceremony Club has options for every kind. 


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