Bachelorette season is upon us and we're so excited here at The Ceremony Club! Things are quickly picking up with summer around the corner, so I thought it would be fun to share some bachelorette party inspiration! This time, I will be focusing on the cowgirl theme to go along with our Cowgirl merch collection. I'm so excited to see what you think of this blog! 


1. Howdy Partner Hat

      This is the perfect summer hat for you and your bridesmaids this season. You'll stay nice and cool with this casual baseball cap. It also matches perfectly with our Cowgirl sweatshirts

2. Sunglasses

      These are the cutest sunglasses to match with all of your bridesmaids! They have different colors and lens colors too! The best way to keep you from squinting all weekend. Check them out here!

3. Howdy Partner Tote

      I love love love this tote bag! It's a great size to throw all of your things in when on the go or even just to pack a pair of clothes overnight. I would recommend this to all brides for their bridesmaids or vice versa!  

4. Cowgirl Boots

      These are a necessity. You must have boots for a cowgirl themed bachelorette party! I've linked a cute pair from Amazon that any girl would look amazing in. All you need is to match it with our Cowgirl merch collection!

5. Last Rodeo Sweatshirt 

      Y'all knew this was coming...our Cowgirl merch! I had to include this for your bachelorette party, I couldn't resist. It's a great way to keep it cool and classy with your bridesmaids. 

6. Found Her Cowboy Sweatshirt 

      Part two of our Cowgirl merch collection is the Found Her Cowboy sweatshirt which is perfect for our brides out there! We've got you covered here at The Ceremony Club! 

7. Shot Glasses

      You know the drill! Cute shot glasses are a must for your bachelorette party. I've linked these adorable cowboy boot shaped glasses for you. You need these if you're going to stick with the cowgirl themed bachelorette party! Check them out!

8. Bandanas

      Bandanas are the perfect way to dress on theme with your bridal party. Brides should wear an all white bandana and bridesmaids can wear all black! It's a great way to highlight the bride while keeping it casual. 


       I want you to have the best bachelorette party possible with unforgettable memories! Hopefully this list of items is something you resonate with and can take some inspiration from. I can't wait to see what y'all think of it! 



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