About the ceremony club

The Ceremony Club was founded by two sisters, Leore and Karen, who have been passionate about creativity and innovation since childhood. In 2022, they conceived the idea of offering unique wedding services, such as wedding newspapers and pizza boxes, which quickly went viral! They were the first to introduce the wedding newspaper to the wedding industry, sparking a major trend. Since then, they have launched other distinctive products for weddings, including postcards, merchandise, and photo albums, which have become our best sellers.

The Ceremony Club is dedicated to innovation, continually adding unique products and services for brides and grooms. We work tirelessly to develop these unique concepts for our community and are excited to keep growing and evolving!

Get to know us a little more...


Leore studied design at FIDM, where she discovered her passion for marketing and product development. Since childhood, she has loved drawing and creating. Leore enjoys art, traveling, coffee, and good food! After graduating in 2019, she worked as a graphic designer and in brand development for other businesses.


Karen studied PR at USC and has always been fascinated by communication and its various forms. She loves talking and being around people! Outside of work, she enjoys going on walks, being outdoors, and visiting farmers' markets on the weekends.