Your wedding day is approaching and you're probably wondering what other last minute items you'll need for your big day. There are a million lists and products out there that are recommended to brides for their wedding day. After my wedding, I immediately took note of my favorite items to help our brides survive their wedding day! You may not necessarily need every single one of these items on your wedding day. I did, however, find that having everything I MIGHT possibly need on hand, helped ease my anxiety so much! It’s so nice to know that if anything does go wrong you have something to take care of it. Your wedding day can get crazy so there is room for error unfortunately BUT that is why I made the perfect must have guide for you so you don’t even have to worry!! 


I really thought long and hard and came up with the essentials that really helped me on my wedding day! These items all came in so handy and I was so surprised how prepared I was for everything. I did a lot of research before my wedding to compile the perfect list and it helped me so much I wanted to share with you! So let’s get started! 


Firstly, we all want to feel our absolute best on our wedding day and unfortunately sometimes things just come up! Make sure you pack yourself your favorite Pain Meds and any other personal medications you think you may need. Whether it's a headache, or some indigestion from the nerves and champagne, having your medications on hand will make you feel more comfortable right away! I would pack a pouch with any items you feel like you need and maybe even hand it over to your maid of honor in case anything comes up throughout the night! Listen, it gets crazy.. you forget to eat and drink water. If you have a headache you want to take care of that ASAP on your wedding day! I gave my mom my pouch and it just made me feel so much confident to know that if I did need anything it wouldn’t be a hassle to get and wouldn’t take away time from my night! 


Okay, now that you have you medication let’s move on to feet 😂 (This sentence out of context is a little strange) 


Let's be real, you're on your feet from the moment you're ready, and then you're dancing ALL night long! It is a very long night and you want to be the most prepared for your feet. I was in my heels from 12:00 pm until the reception at 7:00 pm!! It was an extremely long time for me to be in my heels especially since mine were not the comfiest. These Blister Bandaids saved my feet when I started getting blisters DURING my ceremony! Once I was ready to dance for the rest of the night, I sprayed my feet with the Lidocaine Spray and I did not feel a thing! I also changed into different shoes that really helped too but still my feet were already at the point of not being okay until I used the spray. I danced literally all night with no pain and no blisters! 


The next thing on my list is just a plain old emergency kit! Simple but a must! 


My absolute favorite find that helped me on my wedding day was the Mini Emergency Kit. This little kit has absolutely everything you may need in a pinch. This mini kit includes hair ties, bobby pins, safety pins, makeup wipes, deodorant, breath spray, etc. If you're looking for a pre-made bridal kit, this is definitely the one! You just never know what’s going to come up once you leave your hotel room and you don’t want to send up someone to get something for you. Again, I handed this off to one of my bridesmaids and she had it in her clutch just in case. This is not only great for me as the bride but also for the bridesmaids! One of my bridesmaids strap ripped while she was dancing and luckily we had the small sewing kit on hand to fix it for her! She didn’t have to go back to her room and miss any part of the night which made me really happy since I wanted everyone to enjoy every second with me! 


Okay the next few tips are for wedding dress malfunctions that SAVED my day!!


On your wedding day, your dress will also be going through quite a lot. You're taking photos, greeting guests, running around, and dancing all night. Your dress may need some love throughout the night as well! After my first look and portraits, my dress was FILTHY along the bottom. I know it sounds crazy, but White Chalk completely saved my dress and my sanity! Simply rub the white chalk over any dirt or stains on your wedding dress and it's like it never happened, I was truly shocked at how well it worked!! I didn’t know this was a thing until I did some research (thank god!!) before my wedding. I saw a few people talk about this and when it came to my wedding day this was an absolute success!! I have since told all my friends and family to bring white chalk to their wedding 😂


Okay, here is another dress tip for you! Your dress may also fit slightly differently on your wedding day, your nervousness may cause your weight to fluctuate which is SO normal! I used Fashion Tape to hold up my neckline and I was free to move and dance for the rest of the night with absolutely no worries! It will definitely hold your ladies in place if that's a concern of yours as well! Also!! Another way to use fashion tape is if you are wearing a necklace and don’t want it to move you can use a little bit of fashion tape to hold in place on the back of your neck and your necklace won’t twist at all all night! 


That is all the tips I have right now! I really hope this helped in any way. These were game changers for me and I have been preaching to all my friends and family to be prepared for anything… I mean anything. This is also a great guide to send over to one of your bridesmaids or your mom and have them be in charge of the “oh shit” kit on your wedding day so you can have a stress free day! 


On my wedding day I had confidence that I had on hand whatever I'd possibly need in literally any situation that may come up. I automatically felt more comfortable and calm knowing I had everything on hand, and I wish this feeling for every single bride out there. Your wedding day is going to have so many moving parts and it's true what they say, it goes QUICK! That last thing you need to worry about is not having a specific item or sending someone to retrieve something for you. I hope these products help you as much as they helped me on my wedding day! Good luck! XO


Let me know if I missed anything else on this guide! I would love to hear your wedding must haves! 

November 22, 2023

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