Okay I know we are cutting it close to the holiday season but I wanted to put together a gift guide that would help you all get some last minute gifts! I tried to keep everything on Amazon so you have the option to amazon prime it (if you are a super last min gift getter!) 

Giving gifts is one of my favorite things! It makes me feel so good to get something for my friends/boyfriend/family that I know they are going to love. I think giving gifts is a lot more fun then receiving but as the holiday season comes closer it feels like the pressure is on! I feel like usually I can think of lots of things to get my loved ones but now that there are so many gifts to get I feel stuck! 

I wanted to gather a few items that I think would be so cute to gift a friend that is a bride! So let’s get started!

So what better gift then the gift that will allow you to capture your wedding journey! A polaroid camera! This white Polaroid camera (which also comes with film and a case) is the perfect gift to get a friend who just got engaged. This is the time of her life that she is going to start capturing all these special moments as she is planning her big day! If someone got me this polaroid camera during my bridal era I would be so happy! 

You can also give her a photo album where she keep all these Polaroids! This is such a fun keepsake!! 

This photo album that I linked is perfect to showcase all your bride besties wedding polaroids! The white photo album would be just so cute on a coffee table or placed next to your other wedding albums. I love the idea of having a more casual wedding photo album that captures the candid moments throughout wedding planning, the wedding, and all the events in between! 

Now that we have all there photo needs covered.. let’s move on to the next topic! Accessories! 

There are so many cute bridal accessories but which ones are cute enough to gift? At The Ceremony Club we really value bridal accessories that don’t feel "chuegy" and are timeless. We design items that don’t feel like you bought something from a random boutique on Etsy so when putting together this list we really keep that in mind! 


The Official Gift Guide for Brides


This “Cloud 9” claw clip is such a cute gift to give to your bride bestie! It is so timeless and doesn’t feel too bridal so she can enjoy it even after the wedding festivities! This claw clip comes in a linen striped pouch which is so cute because it is a little bigger than the clip so you can fit a few more accessories inside the pouch. The bride can use the pouch throughout her wedding to store Jewlery or other accessories that she will need for the day of her wedding or even her honeymoon. The cream and blue color of the claw clip nods to the bride aesthetic and can be your “something blue” for your wedding day. This caw clip would also be so cute to gift all your bridesmaids for your bachelorette weekend since this clip isn’t too bridal it can really be for anyone! 

Another item from our collection that is the perfect gift for your bride bestie is our wifey collection! The wifey crewneck is such a fun gift to get! We have four colors right now so it is so fun to get a color for your friend that matches their personality. Personally, the pink is my favorite and I wear it all the time with cute boyfriend jeans and my Uggs to the office! I also recommend sizing up because they are so cute oversized! If you wanted something more “bridal” than we have our bride match made in heaven crewneck! This crewneck is SO CUTE and such a fun gift to get early on in your bride era! The white and green combo is so fun and so sporty and we also have other items from our "match made in heaven” collection that would be so cute to add on to this crewneck! 

Next on my list is this antique style brush, comb, and mirror set from Amazon! This is such a classy and elegant gift to give to a friend that is a bride. I love this set so much and will be something they will cherish forever. I think it would also be so cute to get them engraved with your friends new last name or “Miss to Mrs.” This set is also so beautiful for the morning of the wedding photos or even if you wanted to get cool engagement photos! I love the vintage aesthetic so much and I think that so many people love that timeless look and this brush, comb, and mirror set is just that!

Okay now last but not least (and one of my personal favs on this list!) an engraved perfume bottle! 

Getting your bestie bride a perfume bottle that is engraved with their her future last name or something sentimental to her bridal era is such a beautiful gift. Everyone says that scent correlates with memory and having a special scent for your bridal era is so special. You can either go with her and buy the perfume together and make a fun day out of it or make it a surprise. I think that buying perfume in the beginning of her bridal era needs to be talked about more and be it’s own special moment! I think a girls trip to the mall to pick your best friends bridal perfume is such a fun and special tradition to have. 

I really wanted to pick items in this official gift guide that are timeless and can work for any type of bride. I picked items that I personally would be so happy to get from my friends or would be excited to give to one of my friends who are getting married. Each item on this list will elevate your bridal era and make it just a little more special! I want to slowly make a bigger list of special gifts for brides. Feel free to leave a comment below of ideas that I can add on to this list! 

XO, Leore 

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